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I was born in Sowpadu, Andhra Pradesh, India. It is a small town near Guntur in India. These are the schools that I attended:

  1. Elementary School, Sowpadu: Small village in Guntur District with population 1000 people. It is near the coast (less than say 30 miles) — and yet the first time I saw the sea was when I went to IIT Madras.
  2. Special panchayat upper primary school, pallapadu: Slightly bigger village, one mile away from Sowpadu. Our village did not have beyond 5th grade, so I walked to this village everyday to attend school. Thankfully, it was not too far to walk.
  3. Zilla parishath high school, Katrapadu: I studied here only for two months after my 7th grade. Unlike the earlier school, where we had idealistic teachers who paid special attention to me, this school did not offer the right stimulation. Even within these two months, I became a backbencher, reading pulp fiction hidden in the text books, and drifting in ambitionless mediocrity, until I recieved the letter from APRST, which is where I went to next.
  4. AP Residential School, Tadikonda: I studied from 8th to 10th grade here. This is a special school for all the students all over rural coastal Andhra Pradesh district. These schools were started based on the Nehru’s philosophy and vision where the students study with teachers like the ancient Gurukul. The competetion was fierce to get in — with 15 students per each district, and with government completely paying the expenses, it was a tough school to get into. In our days the school toppers usually were state X class toppers too. Ahem, I got 2nd in X class in the state for my year. Actually, more importantly, I learnt from some of the most committed teachers. I especially remember my social studies teacher (N. Venkata Ratnam), who used to walk to the class with a newspaper and explain the lesson of the day from that. I became interested in Math, Telugu, Social Studies, and sciences so much that it was tough for me to choose which branch to choose when I went to college. In fact, I got nearly the same marks in Social studies and maths!
  5. AP Residential Junior College, Nagarjuna Sagar: This school belongs to the same government society that takes in students from all over AP. Typically, most students end up in good professional schools, including IITs. Naturally :-), I got into IIT with a JEE rank of 86.
  6. IIT, Madras: I did my bachelor’s in Computer science (it was the first B.Tech. batch in CS).
  7. Rice University, Houston: I finished my PhD from Rice U.

I joined Bell Labs, started a company, and am one of the founding members of another company. Currently, I am a fellow at HCL Technologies.

I am married and have two children, Kamala and Mallika.

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  1. Hi Rama Kanneganti, this is Santhi Kiran Kanneganti from Emani Village, near Tenali, now I am staying in Hyderabad did MCA and having a own business. My firm name is Kanneganti & Co and official Home Loan consultants of LIC HFL, ICICI, HDFC, Axis banks

  2. hai Sir, Good to here u r memorable moments… i am also the old student of that school…2004 batch….

  3. Siva Nageswara Rao Doradla ,Chartered Accountant, sir it is glad to know and i am your immediate next batch from aprst, hailing from turlapadu, prattipadu samithi and i recollect about your other villagemate butchi ananda rao and jasti surya narayana, v.naga raju. sir u can reach me at sivaudit@yahoo.com

  4. Hello Sir,

    Incidentally, i too studied in APRST 1984 batch. i too studied in IIT Madras. Stayed in the same Hostel as you were in. But somehow i did not realise i could have had a mentor back then. —chandra(1990 civil)


  6. Sir,

    How are you.

    Would you be interested to review my book written on Smart Products Business. Pl let me know.

    I am an IT professional in Bangalore with Program/Project management as career now. Looking at your profile, I feel you are right kind of person to review the book.


  7. Dear Kanneganti (Rama Rao garu), I am Chandrasekhara Babu Rayala (AKA RCh in our school, APRST)
    of 83 batch (one year senior to you) and now working with JPMChase and living in Columbus,OH.

    When ever I meet our APRST batchmates like Latchaiah, MVVS Reddy, Sekhar Manne, we recollect our memories with you from our junior batch.
    Glad to find your blog and hope to meet you at TANA in July.
    I am blessed with two daughters Harika, will be going to U of Michigon Med school this fall and Saideepika in her middle school now.
    Talk to you soon.
    RCh (1983 APRST Batch).

  8. Hi Rama Rao,

    I really appreciate the page that you put in the internet about yourself. Whenever I see your page ,
    I remember myself How I was able to study in the same schools and colleges. Actually you are my inspiration to study in the same schools and colleges. You have really shaped my life by studying in the same colleges.

    Thank you very Much.
    Ananda Butti

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