Jul 251993

Alternate history

[This is a report from a science student transported to some alternate reality in AP. Usual disclaimer applies, blah, blah, and blah. Oh, blah also!!]

To who ever receives this report: Please bring it to the attention of the authorities. I was subjected to scientific experiments and transported to a different time line. I am in the Place what was called AP in our times. Only that in this time-line, it is called Trilinga Desam. It is a part of IEC [Indian Economic Conference].

So far whatever I have seen, convinced me that this is a very rich country. I was told that its per capita income is one of the highest in the world. It’s ports are gateways to all of the subcontinent and it imports raw goods from southeast Asia and exports finished goods to all over the world.

This country has a well-developed fast food industry. There is famous chain called PP [Pedaraasi peddamma], where they serve a meal with gutti vankaaya koora, tOTakoora pappu, and gongoora pacchadi . I entered a PP and ordered aPeddamma’s special and I got a plate meal with a glass of nimma majjiga and a plate of vaDiyaalu.

There are other fast-food joints also. I noticed some signs by the roads Pulihora Hut, Biriyaani Mahal. I was told Idli‘s is a fast raising chain of fast food restaurants because of the new health craze.

Speaking of health craze, almost all towns boast of Hanumaan Club. It is something like our World Gym. It has amazing array of physical training facilities. People train in sports such as weight-lifting, running, and swimming. Most women prefer Pranayama classes, I was told. Several able-bodied men prepare for the annual event of lifting a big cone-shaped rock. Whoever can do that is given sanjeevani medal.

Every Monday night this country gets glued to the Television. That night, they play kabaadi. Sometimes, they even play a lesser popular version called chedugudu. Men folks gather with their pals and drink their nimma majjiga cheering their favorite teams such as Hanumankonda Hanumaanlu, and Siripuram Siseendreelu. This year the team to watch out is gutti churakattulu. They signed up their lead player Venkateswara Rao for a deal totaling 7.2 million varahalu.

In this time line, Tenali is popular for its fashions. I was told that Paris runs a distant second. There are Saidulu reddy line of attars, which are popular even in distant shores. The house of Subbalaxmi came up with this outrageous redesign of sarees that it is catching on like wildfire. In fact, there is a street dedicated to Fashions not-unlike champs elyeses in Paris in our times. This broad street lined with neem trees on either side is a popular attraction for all AP. There is even a mention of a TV series based on this street.

Vijayawada has become the Mecca of higher education. People from all over the world come to study here. There is a sizable population from Japan studying here, attracted by the legacy of Nagarjuna. The world famous MIT [Managmma Institute of Technology, named after Mangamma, the most famous mathematician ever lived] is on the shores of Krishna. Just on the other side, one can see the famous law college, Haridwaar, established so long back by monks from Haridwaar.

Vizag has become the movie industry center. If you approach Vizag in the night, you can see the big sign seetam dhaara on the side of yaaraaDa konDa. All the movie moguls from seetam dhaara made this a glamorous city with sun, sand, and sea. Being close to a technological center like araku valley, a stretch of high-tech industries also contributed to this growth.

Of course, Hyderabad is the financial center of the world, in these times. There is a prapancha vaaNijya kendra also here. Despite not having a port, this city attracted immigrants from all over the world, which makes it a true cosmopolitan city.

I still have to learn so many things here. I wonder where the history took a turn to make this a reality. I will send these reports more often in hope that somebody will find these instructive. Do not try to trace me, as I don’t have intentions of returning to our times.

— A reporter
Written sometime in 1993.

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