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Colors Swati

There was a science fiction story, where the aliens come to earth. These aliens were hungry for stories, so they turned out to be excellent listeners. So, everybody loves them. Such sympathetic creatures! Such interested creatures!

Anyway, in these waning years, I find that my need to listen has increased. I watch movies, read books, and talk to people — all to extend life a little bit more. Any case, that can explain my fascination to Regency romances (which I picked up last month), teen movies (I saw clueless n number of times, I did even enjoy the definitive teen movie — she’s all that), and Telugu TV.

One particular show that I liked (had I not been secure in my grownupness(!) I might not have confessed to it) is “Colors Swati”. Yes, I know you are laughing at me, but I found myself utterly fascinated by her show.

It is a call-out TV talk show, anchored by a young girl, who apparently is studying medicine. She is utterly devoid of any self awareness and talks on the TV just the way any normal (teen) person would. The inflection, the tone, and the lilt — they all are there for the millions to emulate.

She calls up people after reading their letters to the show on the TV and asks them a question and gets an answer. The bantering that goes on about the person is what makes the show interesting.

For example, in a recent show she held interesting conversation with a 16 year old girl, 20 year old boy and a hausfrau. Sometimes in dulcet tones, some times in a coying voice, and all the time, clearly enjoying herself, She can coax them into talking silliest things in a playful, and sometime even serious tone. I suppose it is a gift.

Did you read the book “gOvulostunnaayi jaagratta”? In that the writer describes the crying of a desolate woman “Her cry was not like that of a convent educated college girl weeping for her IAS beau; it was like a great she-elephant crying after she broke her thighs”. I suppose I must have picked up my disdain for convent-educated college girls from that book.

In any case, I stand corrected. The world is large enough to accommodate the she-elephants and college girls. Especially, if college girls bring more color to TV talk shows.

On an unrelated note, I cannot recall any 17th century actors. How come I can recall so many mathematicians from that century? With the rise of mass media, could it be that we are succumbing to the easiest intellectual entertainment?

* * *

Next week: Telugu TV serials.

Rama Kanneganti

PS: Perhaps “disdain” is a strong word in this context. I am using it in the context of “chinna choopu” mainly.

Originally, this article is titled “Colors swathi”. I corrected the spelling. In India, I think they call it “Colours swati”.

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