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  • Remembrance of things past After 10 years — I look back at myself and the WTC and how the world changed.
  • Les Fleurs Du Mall Or Scenes from a Mall Visit to the local mall in Bangalore
  • Trouble with TV or I miss my Tivo Roxy #lO# Norma Shearer Brodway #lO kaancana maala# Let me assure you those were good choices. If I switch on my TV, I am not as lucky. I get to choose between horror and horreur! Ok, I am in Banagalore now. I come back to guest house at odd hours and catch some TV before ...
  • An airport episode “We will have to wait for one more hour” he said while I was washing my hands in the bathroom. “It happens all the time with Deccan airlines” I said. “This is my first time flying” he confided. We were talking in Telugu. In the US, we don’t talk to strangers in the bathroom. And, strangers ...
  • Free verse or cheap verse   My brother told me an anecdote. As anecdotes go, it was not much. Apparently, a few of his friends went to a wedding of a college friend. It was a small village, with no electricity or even good transportation. For the wedding, they booked a gramophone, with many records, all LPs no doubt. But, on that day, because of a snafu, they only got ...
  • Growing old and even older I grow old, I grow old, I wear the bottoms of my trousers rolled …
  • How does సంధ్య and సంజె differ? (Or poetry in words) Each word has a small, a taste, and a story. How do we understand it? Perhaps it will take lifetime. In #kanThaabharaNam# (కంఠాభరణము) one of the characters says “#Sabda braham#(శబ్ద బ్రహ్మము) is prior to #artha brahmaM# (అర్థ బ్రహ్మము)”. Or, as the sloka says #tathaaksharaat saMbhavati iti viSwam#. (తథాక్షరాత్ సంభవతీహ విశ్వం) Take your pick :-). Then there is ...
  • Untold Story – II One more story untold. Did it happen? Who cares? It is real enough.
  • Untold Story – I Truth is stranger than fiction; Or fiction is strager than truth. In any case, is this fiction or real? At least one person said that it was their cousin that wrote me this letter. Me? I am not so sure if it happened or not.
  • A perspective from TANA short story competetion I have been a judge for TANA short story and novel competetions for the last six years. This is my perspective (not TANA’s or TANA publication committee’s).
  • Bapu: His French Influences I like Bapu. But, make no mistake — all he did was to Telugize a clear genre of Art.
  • Why can’t we understand Alan Greenspan well In my hubris, I started nitpicking even writings of Alan Greenspan. I was vindicated later when Paul Krugman has similar criticism about AG’s writings.
  • Racchabanda and vividha Rise of the pro-ams in the Telugu literary scene.
  • True Translation – I People accuse me of hiding behind foreign phrases. Actually, I do. But, no matter what, I cannot translate from Telugu.
  • మొక్కజొన్న తోటలో (Out of bearded barley) Kiss me out of the bearded barley "Kiss me, out of the bearded barley, Nightly, beside the green, green grass. Oh, kiss me, beneath the milky twilight Lead me, out on the moonlit floor" I am a sucker for love poetry, even the schmaltzy kind. In fact, I used ...
  • vachana kavitvam Poetry and Prose — A prosaic view Reminds me of “nuvvu lEvu, nee paaTa vundi”. I also remember a trick that I was told by somebody back when I was in 8th grade and trying my hand at poetry. Here is the simple recipe. First write what you want to write. It can be plain and ...
  • Colors Swati Relaxing on a sunday afternoon, I caught a TV show on MAA TV. I was glued to the set in no time — an interesting call out show.
  • Globalization, Shmobalization A response to one of the articles on Vividha. This too is published in vividha.
  • Gladstone and French Revolution On a recent TANA trip, I met JP and he was expounding on his theory of governance. My thoughts on that topic.
  • A weekend in the Life of Ramarao Kanneganti It was written after a local literary meet in Ann Arbor. It was a time to meet old friends, make new friends. Btw, the last minute speaker was me. Also, the style is a copy of Maureen Dowd from NYTimes.
  • My Beloved City I love New York. I was devastated when the WTC attacks happened. I was in India at that time. As a cathersis, I wrote this piece.
  • Barber of Bangalore My travails in getting my hair cut in the city of Bangalore
  • Passover and Fog Days of surreal bundh in Bangalore
  • Ratings of a Roving Reporter On one of my first trips to Bangalore, I had to contend with a local strike.
  • But I Digress… Musing about hot sunday afternoons in Guntur
  • Waiting Game Waiting to Go Home — in India and in the USA
  • I wanna ride my bicycle… Riding on a bike to Amaravati and Heidelberg
  • Tapana: A mini review It was a controversial decision to give it 1st prize. There were lot of criticisms, but none of them were the right criticisms. I disliked for different reasons — but then, I was not vehemently against it.
  • Salutation in Telugu A note on addressing people in Telugu. Written way back when.
  • Days of Emergency in India My recollections from the long forgotten days of Emergency.
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