Jul 211997

I confess; my tastes are pedestrian. Put me in front of the TV and I turn the channel to Seinfeld. Send me to the Video store, I come back with UTM(*) movies. Take me to TANA–I will stand in the corridors and gossip. I am the subbarao that goes out for Popcorn at the end of first act in Les Miserables. Of course, the closest to classical music that I would have listened to is from the movies.

With tastes like those, there is no wonder that I like YaddanapooDi sulOchanaa Rani. I make no apologies for it. In fact, I adore Y.S.Rani, the queen of exclamations, the mistress of emotional drama, the high priestess of sentimentalism.

The style is pleasant and fluid, not like maadireddi sulochana. The paragraphs in fact connect! The language is Telugu, unlike that of arikepooDi(kODoori) kausalya dEvi. People "mancham digi" speak, not "Sayya Diggi" elaborate. Of course, there are no Randian ramblings of Y.V. Nath (A bit unfair, I know. His style is not bad, if you remove the traces of the objectivism).

What more does a reader want? These books give a heroine, with whom one could fall in love over the first reading itself. It gives me the misunderstood hero, who reminds me so much of myself, save some small details like "impaala karu" ( I own a Chevrolet!!). Over all, it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling all over, when Hero and Heroine meet and wander off into the sunset.

It is not all stereo typical either. Does anybody remember the novel (Forgive me my memory, I can provide only the vaguest of sketches), where the Hero does not marry the rich niece of some couple that treats him as a son? That too, despite the obvious good looks, good manners, and the education of that girl! He ends up marrying a side heroine (satyavati, I think). My romantic soul was disappointed, but then I appreciate any such twists in the story.

Whatever happened to Meena? Jeevana tarangaalu? All that I wanted to know about being a Hero, I learnt from those books. In fact, since my Hero quotient is going down, I desperately need those books. So, if any one of you can get me vintage Y.S. Rani’s books, I will be willing to pay for the costs+postage(**). And, fellow Telugus, please speak up if you have enjoyed the writings of YSR!!

Ramarao Kanneganti
July 21, 1997

(*) UTM = Upper Torso Movement.
(**) Offer is serious.

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