Jan 172005

True Translation – I

Yes, I do wallow in foreign phrases. That is why I love English :-).  After all these years, still it is foreign to me. As foreign as that dental cap. Or as foreign as that tooth filling. [You can tell that I just had my dental work done and I am still smarting from that.]

Of course, foreign it is, it is a easy to capture information in that  language. You reword it, rework it and you can get your meaning across. In the worst case, you define a new word and use it.

But then, how do you capture the quitessential? I was asked the other day — how do I say inTi meeda gaali maLLindi (ఇంటి మీద గాలి మళ్ళింది?)  Of course, how can I? I can say it in so many different ways, but nothing that comes closer.

For, I would have to grasp at straws. I cannot bank on కొండగాలి తిరిగింది, గుండె ఊసులాడింది. I cannot even dredge up ఓసరిలెను కాబోలును ఉత్తరవంగవను తలుపు. నేడు నిలువజాల, ఆలసించి చేరనా నీహార దూర తీర వేళ.
Isn’t there an English equivalent? I dare say, there is. But, I cannot access it, not living here long enough. I haven’t even heard of Tristan and Isolde to fully dig the following:

Frisch weht der Wind
Der heimat zu
Mein Irisch kind,
Wo weilest du?

Tangentially yours,
Ramarao Kanneganti

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